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Leia the Bunny, adventures

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  • leia_bunny@livejournal.com
Leia is a stuffed bunny. She finds the term, 'stuffed' to be offensive. She refers to herself as an average 'fluffin.' She is proud to be an American fluffin. As many American's refer to their backgrounds (example: Irish American) she too has found such a label of pride. Leia and others in her fluffin community consider themselves 'Fabricated Americans.'

This is her journal. Often found with hanging out with Grey Frequency, she expresses her own view of the world.
anya, carrot cake, carrots, easter bunnies, evil minion bunnies, fabricated americans, fleshlings, fluffins, friends, fuzzy fluffin haxxor, grey frequency, hair elastics, hair scrungies, hazzor, hazzoring, hopping, sleep overs, stuffed animals